fichero FPT estropeado

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First of all my apologies to post this message here, but I’m desperated and I don’t know another site where would exist someone able to help me. Second, apologies for my English.

I’ve developed a program to manage recipes. I use two memo fields, one for the ingredients and the other for the explanation of how to make the recipe. The program is written with Clipper 5.3 + Comix 3.0. I’m migrating this program to xHarbour.

I use functions from Brian Erickson & Ken Sutcliffe – public domain – to make a backup to floppy disks. This routines always have worked fine … until a week ago. One user had a problem: he can’t restore the previous backup, and this occurs after he formated his HD. He is a writter of cooking books and has more than 6000 recipes stored with the program. It’s very important for me to recovery this recipes. The restore function success with restoring the file but I can´t open the recipes file anyhow. If I try to read it with DBX or WinDbu I receive this message:

Error COMIX/8201 read error

I’ve also tried use this recipes file with the xHarbour version of the program, and when I try to open and create indexes with xHarbour version I receive this message

hb_xgrab can’t allocate memory

I’ve also tried to recovery the file with dSavage without achieve it.

I’ll pay to anybody who success with recovery this files. If anybody is interested please send me an e-mail to for details.

José Luis Sánchez

Va en serio. El tema está muy complicado.

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  1. Ánimo pues y a ver si lo solucionas. Yo ni idea :). Solo un consejo práctico para la próxima vez, los Txts o Xmls son universales y en caso de emergencia siempre se puede recurrir a ellos 😉

  2. No es por meter zizaña, o quizas si 😉

    Pero en C3 no tendrias estos problemas, o al menos no tendrias q marearte escribiendo estos correos en ingles.


  3. Manuel:
    Lo de escriir correos en inglés, pues tienes razón. Lo de no tener estos problemas… pues no lo sé. El caso es que el problema está que el programa Clipper original es el que no lee bien el fichero, o no empalma los trozos de los disquetes para ser más exacto.


  4. Jose Luis:

    Si animo de ponerle mas sal a la herida…..

    ¿ y porque no usuaste el Servidor Local de ADS para los indices CDX ?

    Digo, solo por preguntar


    Rene Flores

  5. Pues porque la versión estable de el Puchero tiene más de 2 años y no la he actualizado.

  6. I haven’t understand why this happens but i’ve saved all good data of my .fpt file writing a program that read record by record [with goto(nRec)] the corrupted file and write data in another similiar file. When an error occurs and the program goes at end i reexecute the same program reading corrupted file from the next record. In this way i exclude all memo that have problems and the rest of data contained in the .dbf file are OK because of error occurs only when you use/access the memo field.
    If whe have a file with these fields :
    Codice Char 10
    Nome Char 50
    Note Memo
    if i write these instructions :
    GoodFile->Codice := BadFile->Codice
    GoodFile->Nome := BadFile->Nome
    GoodFile->Note := BadFile->Note
    the program goes in error in the last instruction, but in GoodFile i have the first 2 fields OK !
    I can e-mail you my program (very simple) if you have problems.

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