harbour/fivewin support to sublime text 2

Further my previous post on the Harbour support for Sublime Text 2, a group of enthusiasts led by Rafa Carmona – also known as ‘thefull’ – and Quim Ferrer are developing a more completed package to support Harbour language on Sublime Text 2. This package is hosted on Github in the following URL: https://github.com/rafathefull/harbour The only thing you have to do is download the package and copy the files included in a folder named Harbour in the package folder of ST2. We have also created a discussion group at Google Groups to talk about anything involved on the development of the package. You can read and join us at Harbour / Sublime Text 2

In adition to this, Quim Ferrer is developing the Fivewin support for ST2. You can donwload this package in the following URL https://github.com/QuimFerrer/fivewin This package requires the Harbour package to run.


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